Combo Pack (Anatomy-Physiology-Biochemistry)

  • Videos: 738
  • Quiz questions: 2250
  • Notes: 557
  • Price: $300 /year

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Welcome to Medvizz’s Advance Medical Training Program. This package covers all the topics under Anatomy,Physiology,Biochemistry. The package consists of comprehensive video lectures, online tests for self-assessment, and notes for quick reference. This attractively packaged self-study video lecture module provides in depth information. Well-organized, properly structured and lucidly explained topics, well-supported by high-res images and related 3D animations, gives student a more interactive studying experience.

Maxillary division of Trigeminal nerve (V2 or Vb) / Maxillary nerve

Phospholipids and its types

Staphylococcus epidermidis quick review

General Anatomy
15 videos
Upper Limb
46 videos
34 videos
Lower Limb
50 videos
Abdomen and Pelvis
44 videos
Head and Neck
96 videos
33 videos
5 videos
63 videos